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International Automotive Association helps to get the international driving permit is not only tourists but also for everyone in all regions of the globe, regardless of nationality.

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The International Automobile Association gives the international driving license (international driving license) for a period up to ten years.

Remember that the international driving license is valid only in the presence of your national driver's license.

The joker

A funny incident has taken place in Germany. One of the passengers of Salzburg-Munich train showed a Latvian driving license issued in the name of the Russian President during the inspection of documents. 

«One Europe – One driving license»

On January 19 the European Union countries introduced a new driving license which will be valid throughout the EU. The new driving license looks like laminated plastic card.

Depending on country choice it may include an electronic chip that with information about the driver. It may also contain a holographic sign, with the aim of reducing fraud.

All of the old driving license will have to be replaced by 19 January 2033. Until then, both the old and the new driving license are equally valid.


Anticreeping seat was designed in Japan

Anticreeping driver seat was designed in the Tokyo Institute of Technology. It contains 360 pressure sensing elements. Anti-theft system stores the data of the car owner weight and outer dimensions, thus the car will not start if data doesn’t concur.

As it turns out, the area of contact with the seat and the weight distribution are almost unique for every person. Japanese scientists state that the accuracy of identification is about 98%. It took a year to design and produce the anticreeping driver seat.


New aerocar will be mass-produced in USA

At the end of this year USA is going to put into mass production a hybrid of a plane and a car. Two-seat hybrid named «Transition» is a product of the Terrafugia company, and it is able to gain speed up to 185 kilometer per hour and took on board 430 kg freight. Aside from that, it contains a parachute. To drive the hybrid one should have both a driving license and a pilot license. Company’s intention is to produce 500 flying cars per year, each of them will cost $194 000.


The printed version of the application for an order of a driver's license

The site was added to the printed version of the application order of driver's license. You can download or print this application from the website and send it to us by mail.


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International Driver License 

International Driver License

International Automotive Association helps get international driver's license.

Convention on Road Traffic

International driving permit issued by our Association, in line with all accepted standards of the UN.

Convention on Road Traffic.

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