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How to pay for International Driving License
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What is International Driver's License
License of IAA Corporation

International Automotive Association helps to get the international driving permit is not only tourists but also for everyone in all regions of the globe, regardless of nationality.

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The International Automobile Association gives the international driving license (international driving license) for a period up to ten years.

Remember that the international driving license is valid only in the presence of your national driver's license.

Questions and answers
Q: How much time is necessary for the production of the international driving permit?
A: Manufacturing of International Driver's License occurs within 24 hours upon receipt of necessary information and money transfer when ordering via the Internet. When ordering in the office, and immediate payment at the place of manufacture International Driver's License process takes up to 15 minutes. Please note that shipping to various countries and cities can be from 1 to 6 days.
Q: What information must I provide to me to do an International Driver's License?
A: You need a normal copy (scan) of your original rights, color photograph of any size on a uniform, scanned images of signatures on a white background with black pen. Also, you will need to fill out an application for an International Driver's License at our site or in the office.
Q: Can a person without the right to order international driver's license?
A: No, you can not.
Q: What languages are translated original right?
A: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Russian, Japanese.
Q: Is information about the truth that in order to travel abroad do not need international driving license, as well as national driver's license in accordance with international standards?
A: As the longstanding practice, unfortunately, the Law of the Russian Federation is not recognized in many countries and many car rental companies, and if hit in an accident. Despite the fact that they were translated into French, in France, most of the companies they will not accept. The same situation exists with the European driver's license in the United States. These examples are enough to understand that the International Driver's License is required for a full tour of the territory of their country.
Q: I want to order a number of international driving licenses at one time to one shipping address. Do I have to pay to pay for services delivery for each order?
A: No, You do not need. You should pay only one delivery, it does not take into account the quantity of an international driving permits

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International Driver License 

International Driver License

International Automotive Association helps get international driver's license.

Convention on Road Traffic

International driving permit issued by our Association, in line with all accepted standards of the UN.

Convention on Road Traffic.

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