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License of IAA Corporation

International Automotive Association helps to get the international driving permit is not only tourists but also for everyone in all regions of the globe, regardless of nationality.

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The International Automobile Association gives the international driving license (international driving license) for a period up to ten years.

Remember that the international driving license is valid only in the presence of your national driver's license.

The International Automobile Association offers you the opportunity to travel around the world. International driving license (international driving license) includes all the information from your national driver's license into 8 languages. It potverzhdet that you have a driver's license and home country gives you the right to manage and rent a car in more than 200 countries around the world.
# Name Position Phone
1 Main office in USA IAA, Inc., 2815 Ford street, Brooklyn NY 11235 +1(800)679-3681 toll free +1(718)648-98-14
2 Main office in Russia and Ex-Soviet countries 191124, Saint Petersburg, Vosstaniya str., 4/1 +7(911)112-31-64 +7(911)920-35-91
3 Office in Moscow Maly Kazenny lane,1, office 40, 105062 Moscow +7(495)77-88-557
4 Office in Ukraine Ukraine, Harkov, Lenina pr., 40/510 +3(809)333-1-77-44
5 Office in Azerbaidjan Azerbaidjan, Baki, Djavadhana str., 62 +994-55-657-42-53
6 Technical support in Russia and Ex-Soviet countries Saint Petersburg +7(812)716-62-43
International Driver License 

International Driver License

International Automotive Association helps get international driver's license.

Convention on Road Traffic

International driving permit issued by our Association, in line with all accepted standards of the UN.

Convention on Road Traffic.

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 We also offer a new personal identity. Make a card and learn about it you can here.


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