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How to pay for International Driving License
How to order International Driving License
Why do you need International Driver License
What is International Driver's License

International Automotive Association helps to get the international driving permit is not only tourists but also for everyone in all regions of the globe, regardless of nationality.

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The International Automobile Association gives the international driving license (international driving license) for a period up to ten years.

Remember that the international driving license is valid only in the presence of your national driver's license.

International Driver License
Order a driver's license, you can safely manage and rent a car anywhere in the world legally, according to the UN Convention on Road Traffic and Security. Our Association is constantly monitoring the changes in international standards, and to immediately react to changes in the required line.

International Automobile Association is the only independent association, which gives the translation of national driver's license - International Driver's License around the world in accordance with UN standards.

International Driver's License
International Driver's License

If necessary, you can see the existence of our certificate. This is a confirmation of the legal activities of our company.

You can always call us before the specified call, or come to our office during working hours. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and assist in processing documents.

Our Association is based in the United States in 1996 with co-operation with the UN. We have successfully launched its operations in all corners of the earth, having a great agent framework to better work with our clients.

International driving permit translated into 8 major languages of the UN:

  • English;
  • Arabic;
  • Spanish;
  • French;
  • Chinese;
  • German;
  • Russian;
  • Japanese.

It simplifies the relationship when dealing with the police, for example, in the case of verification of documents or the occurrence of accidents, as well as rental cars and other vehicles.

In some countries, the international driving permit is a document of identity. It can be used when opening bank accounts, as well as the settlement of the hotel.

To date, the Internet there are many organizations operating under our name or on behalf of a similar association. In fact, there is only one registered automobile associations concerned with the issuance of the International Driver's License, it is - International Automotive Association (IAA Inc.).

International driver's license is an official document only if you have a national driver's license.

When completing the application on our website to obtain international driving permit, please do not attach expired driver's license.

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How to pay International Driving License?
How to order International Driving License?
Why do you need International Driver's License?
What is International Drivin's License?

International Driver License 

International Driver License

International Automotive Association helps get international driver's license.

Convention on Road Traffic

International driving permit issued by our Association, in line with all accepted standards of the UN.

Convention on Road Traffic.

Personal Identification Card
 We also offer a new personal identity. Make a card and learn about it you can here.


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